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The Hofstra Chronicle - For Taylor Rose Clarke ‘20
Remembering Taylor Rose Clarke ‘20

Support student members of The Hofstra Chronicle as they raise funds to purchase a plaque in memory of Taylor Rose Clarke ‘20, editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper from 2019 to 2020.  The plaque will be located in The Chronicle's office in recognition of the deep impact that she had on the newspaper and the lives she touched and will continue to inspire.

Who Taylor was and why she left such an indelible impression on so many lives is best described by some of the people who had the privilege of working with her at The Chronicle….

Today, readers of The Hofstra Chronicle have the privilege of reading a newspaper with prestige, reach, and power. This effect is backed by the relentlessly dedicated work of Taylor Clarke, who put blood, sweat, and tears into its content up until her final moments here with us. Her passion for her craft, commitment to her community, and mighty pen were unparalleled. With Taylor at the helm, The Chronicle was firing on all cylinders. She worked with grace, candor, patience, and love – and it seeped through every page of every issue. - Katie Krahulik, Managing Editor, Class of 2019

I am a better person for having known her and The Hofstra Chronicle is better for having been guided by her leadership. She never judged. She always listened. To say that she was kind is an understatement…Taylor truly believed that with words we could change the world and used her storytelling gifts to amplify the voices of the voiceless.- Jill Leavey, Managing Editor, Class of 2020

She was determined to tell stories that mattered. She was a tenacious reporter and a graceful writer... As Editor-in-Chief of The Chronicle, she upheld the highest standards of accuracy and fairness. She wrote and published investigative stories that took tremendous courage – more courage than I’ve ever mustered in my career – and for which she, and the paper, won many prestigious awards. - Carol Fletcher, Associate Professor of Journalism at Hofstra University

In addition to her work with The Chronicle, Taylor was a dedicated advocate for organ donation.  As the recipient of a heart transplant, she was committed to helping others receive the same benefit.  She encouraged countless people to sign up to be organ donors and ultimately became an organ donor herself.  

Please help The Hofstra Chronicle raise funds for a plaque to remember Taylor Rose Clarke and her legacy.

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