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Maurice A. Deane School of Law
Help Set the Foundation for Hofstra Law's Future

Since our founding in 1970, Hofstra Law has trained more than 13,000 law students to be leaders in their profession and difference-makers for their clients and the community. Join the 50 for 50 Years campaign and pay it forward with a gift to the Fund for Hofstra Law to support our students following your path to a legal career. The Fund for Hofstra Law provides our students with much-needed scholarship and financial aid. 

Your support to The Fund for Hofstra Law will also count towards Hofstra Law’s Vision 2020 Campaign, which will serve to propel Hofstra Law forward for the next half-century.

Here's why your gift this year is more important than ever:

  • The Fund for Hofstra Law gives the Law School flexibility to address the evolving needs of our students and faculty as the legal landscape continues to change.  
  • Donations to The Fund for Hofstra Law provide much-needed support for the following:
    • scholarships and financial aid; 
    • new clinic opportunities; 
    • academic programs and special lectures; 
    • student organizations and services; 
    • faculty scholarship; 
    • alumni programs/CLE; 
    • professional development; 
    • the law library; and 
    • improvements to the Law School building.

Annual giving ensures that program innovations are made each year, support for students is available through financial assistance, and all aspects of teaching and learning at Hofstra Law can flourish. With your support, Hofstra Law students will have access to ever-evolving programs and initiatives that will help to guide them to successful careers in the legal field, just like yours. Our Hofstra Law community is stronger together. Let's celebrate 50 years by supporting our students and paving the way for more celebrations in the years to come!

"I give back to Hofstra Law because if not for my education and experience there, I would not have had the professional and personal success that I've been blessed with.  Also, a Hofstra Alumni helped me attend Hofstra Law by giving me a scholarship. I am going to do what I can to pay that forward." – Michael Romano '11 (with Nicole, Lia and Luca).

"We give back to Hofstra Law because Hofstra Law gave us the foundation needed to be successful in our legal careers. It is important to us that students have the same support and opportunities we had while we were students at Hofstra Law. Hofstra Law is also special to us as we fell in love in the law review office." – Courtney and Aaron Zucker '15 (and daughter Maddyn).

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Or you can contact us at thefund@hofstra.edu.