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Allegro con Brio Music Alumni Association

The purpose of the Allegro con Brio Music Alumni Association is to maintain the relationship that alumni have with their alma mater, specifically the Department of Music. This may be accomplished through social, educational, cultural and career-oriented activities. 

Please consider making a gift to the Allegro con Brio Music Alumni Association to support our events along with alumni and student activities.

Gifts by Affiliation
Gifts received by affiliation.
What is your affiliation with Hofstra?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumnus 452
2 Faculty/Staff 173
3 Friend 115
4 Parent 88
5 Student 11
Alumni Donors by Decade
See how many alumni have given by graduation decade.
If you are an alumnus, what decade did you graduate?
Rank Answer Donors
1 2010s 75
2 2000s 57
3 1990s 50
4 1980s 42
5 1970s 27
6 1960s 14
7 2020s 10
8 1950s 4
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