Hofstra Day of Giving might be over, but you can still support Hofstra Students!
Veterans Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship

The Hofstra Veterans Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship is awarded to deserving undergraduate or graduate students at Hofstra University. The Veterans Alumni Chapter and their supporters put forth great effort raising funds to establish a scholarship to help veterans, their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren reach their highest educational goals. 

Over the last 5 years, the Hofstra Veterans Alumni Chapter scholarship committee has awarded $95,568 in scholarships to more than 28 students. Hofstra undergraduates, graduates, and medical school students have all been recipients of our awards. 

Please consider a gift so we can continue to support veterans and their families.


Gifts by Affiliation
Gifts received by affiliation.
What is your affiliation with Hofstra?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumnus 452
2 Faculty/Staff 173
3 Friend 115
4 Parent 88
5 Student 11
Alumni Donors by Decade
See how many alumni have given by graduation decade.
If you are an alumnus, what decade did you graduate?
Rank Answer Donors
1 2010s 89
2 1990s 63
3 2000s 63
4 1970s 62
5 1980s 59
6 1960s 40
7 1950s 15
8 2020s 10
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